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Become a vendor! Sell our unique line of Bar Gear at your bar/restaurant or supply store, novelty or gift shop, custom shop, bar to bar, eBay, online store and more... Great way to increase sales and make good profits with our special rates for vendors! Take advantage of the great deals on our new Custom Openers, since we are the designers and manufacturers; we can offer you special pricing that will produce good profits fast!

These Openers are Unique and Exclusive to Ink Correct, no one else does it like we do, and no other opener looks as good as ours, Guaranteed! Don't be fooled by cheap imitators that use stickers, transfers and other processes that will quickly fade, chip and scratch. Our processes make it so that the final product is a great looking, durable and comfortable tool that is ready for professional use.

We offer very special deals along with promotional tools and packages to individuals that are interested in selling our products at their stores . We can assist with custom deals designed to meet your specific needs as well as custom designs that can be made exclusively for your shop. 

As a Vendor you receive:

  • Online Promotional Tools: We supply you with high quality illustrations and photos of our products for you to use on your online store, website, eBay, or for your printed catalogs.
  • Printed Promotional Tools: We assist with printed goods such as flyers, brochures, business cards, stickers, signs and more. Most are free of cost.
  • Custom Products Exclusive to You: If you have an idea for a T Shirt or Bottle Opener, we will make it for you and give you exclusivity on it so you will be our only vendor with that design.
  • Updated Images and Illustrations: We are continuously creating new products and designs and we will keep them coming to you as they are produced.
  • Low Cost Start-up: You don't have to break the bank to get started, not only are our rates per item low for vendors, so is the initial minimum order.
  • Sales Support: We want you to make money, and we will assist in any way we can. Support is available during regular business hours.
  • Freebies: We are always testing new designs and products, every time you order we will send you a free sample of our newest creation for you to check out and test.

So contact us today and we'll send you more info and go over the details with you.

Special " No Overhead Deal": This is a customized "Drop Ship" deal that we offer to online businesses so that you don't have to worry about buying a large amount of inventory. Not sure of what will be the items that best fit your client's taste? don't want to spend too much money? unsure of which products may sell better in your particular case? Don't worry, we can help you by giving you the necessary tools to set up your online store to include our products with only a small inventory or no inventory at all. Once approved, we will set up a "Drop Ship" deal that includes shipping directly to your clients using your company information and logos. contact us today and we'll send you more info and go over the details with you.