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Have some Great Ideas?  Want to make some Cash??? Don’t want to spend any money??? You are in the right place.

We are searching for artists and non-artists to join The Ink Correct Design Team and become a designer, make some extra change or a serious amount of money! We are looking for cutting edge designs, illustrations and images as well as jokes, intense thoughts or great quotes. Get paid for being creative!

It’s simple, you submit art/words (word or text submission do not need to be styled, but you will receive higher commission if it’s ready and good to go), we will then review your work and determine if it is ready or if it may need a little more work.

Once approved and up on the site, you get an email every time anyone purchases your Design, and once a month you will receive a summary including any comments from our customers, page views and item views, sales and earnings. Also, you will receive a payment every 2 weeks for all the sales commissions of your designs (an average of $1.00-$2.75 per item). And best of all, we take care of everything else: We do the printing, we package and ship the items. We are also responsible for any exchanges or returns and we handle all the marketing. All we ask of you is to be the most creative you can be and to tell your friends about your designs and where to get them.
Your work is yours. We respect the amount of time and effort you may put into your design, which is why we will be happy to display your designs and do our best to get it sold, however you remain as the Owner of your work and you may have it taken off and returned to you whenever you wish. We will not continue to print or sell a design at the request of the Designer.
We also buy art to be used on our various products!, turn you incomplete work, raw sketches, simple files or complete work of art into CASH! If you have design elements that we can use, we will gladly buy them from you, no design is too big or small for us.

We don’t have too many rules: All work must be original and not offensive, well not too offensive. No depictions, words or images related to hate, racism, animal cruelty or obsessive religious fanaticism. We will not knowingly print any protected or copyrighted material.

Call us today! 1-877-465-4255